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 The Live Online Training Room Will Be OPEN 24/7...


Make sure you watch the training video found at this location www.silverfoxlive.com and make notes of any questions you may have before coming into the room.

Those who are new to the Silver Fox Lead Factory lead generating system should focus on generating leads through Facebook using the posting techniques found by CLICKING HERE.

Here are the up-dates for today…

1. Here’s the NEW training video for Silver Fox ATTRACTION MARKETING that you can steal:

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Here’s the answer to the question… “I keep missing UK Dawn in the live training room. Do you have a recorded live training session that I can watch?”

CLICK HERE to watch a LIVE RECORDED training session with UK Dawn….

Go ahead and steal Dawn’s live recorded training video by following the instructions found by CLICKING HERE AND and make it your own!

You Need To Watch UK Dawn Build Her Business LIVE

Dawn, from the United Kingdom, will be in The Room MONDAY - FRIDAY 10am to 12pm Los Angeles time. You need to meet her and learn how she builds her Silver Fox business. She knows what she is doing having generated 1 out of 3 of all the leads generated by the other Silver Fox Lead Factory Members.

3. Weekly Lead Purge Up-Date


The next purge will take place December 14th for leads ending  December 4th Make sure you export your leads if you want to keep them. Need help get into the live training room by CLICKING HERE

You can use this system here: CLICK HERE FOR A POWERFUL BULK EMAIL BLASTER to email and manage those old leads.

In order for the system to work properly for all FREE and PAID subscribers to send out weekly broadcast emails on a timely basis, we need to limit the number of leads in the system. When the system has more than a million leads the weekly email broadcasts really take a long time to be delivered. With that understanding we need to keep the leads under one million.

Typically if you have not received a Yellow or Blue STAR on a lead in your back office after 14 days that lead is NOT a quality lead. For those leads who have Yellow and Blue STARS make sure you follow-up ASAP with a phone call or email and get them CONVERTED. All CONVERTED leads will stay in your back office.

On a weekly basis we are going to evaluate how many leads are in the system. When it goes over one million leads we will do a purge up to 14 days old. You will be notified in an email using the Silver Fox Coffee Club notification system. We will be purging ONLY the leads that are older than 10 days leaving the CONVERTED leads in your back office.

Make sure you download your leads who are older than 10 days if you want to keep those old leads. You can use this system here: CLICK HERE FOR A POWERFUL BULK EMAIL BLASTER to email and manage those old leads.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. As our membership grows we are trying to streamline some of the inner workings of the system to keep up with the EXPLODING growth of our Silver Fox Lead Factory.

More Up-Dates


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NEW Frequently Ask Questions & Answers Page Located by CLICKING HERE

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Let’s Make It A GREAT Lead Generating Day,


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Make sure you watch this video before coming into the live training room
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