Your Silver Fox Lead Factory Is FREE To Use To Build Any Money Making Opportunity You Are Working! Fox Lead Factory How Work 100 FREE MLM Genealogy Leads Attraction Marketing Profit Center
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Silver Fox Lead Factory How Work 100 FREE MLM Genealogy Leads Attraction Marketing Profit Center
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The List Is All That Matters - The Money Is In The List

  • Are you like most - join a money making opportunity then figure out how to promote it?
  • How large is your list - 100 - 1,000 - 10,000 - 100,000?
  • Are you making at least $100 a day with your money making opportunity - if not why?
  • Stop! Do NOT join another money making opportunity until you have a list!

Opportunity Seeker Lead Lists - Are They Worth The Money?

There are 5 types of lists..

Fresh 24 Hour Qualified Opportunity Seeker Leads.

  • These leads are generated at such locations as INCOME AT HOME <----- Click To Learn More
  • Those who apply are sold to MLM companies such as Herbalife and Amway within 24 hours for as much as $20 - $25 per lead

7 - 10 Day Old Opportunity Seeker Leads

  • These leads are sold for as much as $2 to $10 per lead
  • They could be further qualified or delivered with no qualification

Aged  Opportunity Seeker Leads - 30 to 60 days old

  • Sold in bulk for as low as $10 to $100 per thousand
  • Brokers buy these and re-qualify them by calling and verifying names, phone numbers and email addresses
  • They are then re-sold for $1 to $15 per qualified lead
  • Little TIcket To Wealth leads are in this category but are NOT qualified
  • Leads in this category are sold to hundreds of brokers and are all the same so do not be deceived
  • CLICK HERE to see what the Little Ticket To Wealth leads look like 

MLM Genealogy Lists

  • MLM companies sell their AGED terminated members lists to brokers
  • Brokers sell the lists as soon as they receive them for $300 to $700 per company list
  • Lists that are 6 to 12 months old are sold from $100 to $300
  • Lists that are older than 12 months are sold for no less that $75 to $150
  • It's near to impossible to aquire an active list of members for MLM companies - they are carefully guarded so if someone is trying to sell you an ACTIVE list BEWARE 
  • CLICK HERE  to learn more about MLM Genealogy lists

Enzines & Solo Ads Lead Lists

  • These leads lists are highly protected
  • They rent from $50 to as much as $500 per email blast
  • The lists are ONLY rented and the owner will send YOUR email message - ONE TIME
  • You will want to offer an irresistable offer to those in their list to get them to optin to your list
  • If someone offers these lists for sale then expect the quality to be fair to poor 

There is no magic secret - TOP QUALITY LEAD LIST - on the market! 

  • Expect to pay $1 to $15 per qualified lead where a live person personally contacts and qualifies the lead and then sends you that lead within HOURS OF QUALIFYING.
  • Aged leads, curiosity seekers, bogus names and emails are the norm
  • Use the Silver Fox Lead Factory and qualify these lists yourself by plugging them into the system and let the system qualify them for you at NO COST TO YOU OTHER THAN THE TIME OF ENTERING THE LEAD! 
  • Hey...Become a BROKER and qualify these leads yourself and re-sell them

 Receive 100 FREE Leads Daily (Monday - Friday) You Can Plug Into Your Silver Fox Lead Factory & Let The System Qualify These Leads For You.... 

How to request your 100 leads....

  • CLICK HERE to learn how to request your 100 FREE leads
  • CLICK HERE to learn how to plug them into the system
  • CLICK HERE if you want to have us auto download the leads into the system for you 

The quality of the 100 leads

  • We use the leads from Little Ticket To Wealth and/or the aged MLM Genealogy Lists - Hey they are FREE TO YOU!
  • Now you use the Silver Fox Lead Factory to qualify the lead instead of paying $1 to $15 per lead from those list brokers.
  • Qualification is AUTOMATIC - just plug them into the system and check on the stats in your back office under "VIEW LEADS" 
  • Use the tools in your Silver Fox Lead Factory "VIEW LEADS" to further qualify your leads

How The Silver Fox Lead Factory Qualifies The Lead

What happens when the lead is entered into the system?

An Instant Email Is Sent With YOUR Info

  • When these leads are placed in YOUR Silver Fox Lead Factory they instantly receive an email with YOUR name, phone number, and link to YOUR money making opportunity you are working. For the next 10 to 14 days the system sends out a variety of messages that will have YOUR name, phone number and the link to YOUR money making opportunity in it.
  • Those leads who respond to your email and CONVERT (setting up a Silver Fox Lead Factory account) are then considered a TOP QUALITY LEAD.
  • These CONVERTED LEADS stay in your "VIEW LEADS" area in your back office forever unless they delete their account
  • You will be able to do a weekly email blast to YOUR leads and YOUR downline's leads COSTING YOU NOTHING!

 Purging The System To Make Room

  • After 10 to 14 days the active and Inactive leads are purged to make room for new leads to be qualified and CONVERTED. CONVERTED LEADS ARE NOT DELETED!
  • You will need to export your OLD leads to an Excel file if you want to save them.
  • CLICK HERE for the purging schedule and instructions for downloading and emailing the leads in a different email marketing system
  • A daily email up-date is sent to you with VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION concerning what is happening with the Silver Fox Lead Factory whIch includes the dates of a purge.
    If you are not getting those daily up-dates you may want to make sure you register again by CLICKING HERE 
    If you are in the system and still not getting the email up-dates check your spam/junk folder. If the up-date emails are not in there use a different email and register again.
  • In addition to marketing campaign here's what else you will be able to do with my powerful marketing system.

    In your back office you will have a variety of contact management options under "VIEW LEADS"...  

    #1. A YELLOW star will alert you to who opened your email and a BLUE star will alert you to who clicked on a link inside the email. You will want to contact these leads first with a phone call.

    #2. You will be able to edit your leads changing the contact info when required.

    #3. You will be able to email each lead with a custom text or HTML format with YOUR money making opportunity.

    #4. You will be able to check the stats to see how many times the lead opened an email and which email they opened.

    #5. Set appointments... Shows on the calendar in your back office. You'll love this... the system will email plus call you to remind you of that appointment.

    #6. Make notes... The note function will actually tell you how many notes you made for that lead.

    #7. Group leads into categories for easy management.


    #9. The SCORE - The system SCORES the lead according to their activity in the system. The higher the score the better the lead

    #10. Send a weekly customized email broadcast for any money making opportunity you are working with a customed designed email template.

    #11. Your Silver Fox Lead Factory also has an Export function to an Excel spread sheet allowing you to plug them into any Voice Broadcast System. I offer a voice broadcaster with instructions on how to send out your BEST voice message to these leads found by CLICKING HERE. I offer the Voice Broadcaster at 2.9 cents a minute or about 2 cents a call plus a set-up fee. - NO MONTHLY FEE.

     CLICK HERE for a LIVE demonstration on how to use the Voice Broadcast System to qualfify your leads allowing you to generate 30 to 50 TOP QUALITY LEADS A DAY FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

    #12. A LIVE Online Training Room CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

    How To Use The Silver Fox Lead Factory To Generate...


    It's Called Attraction Marketing - Very Powerful!

  • Offer 100 FREE Leads Daily to attract those LIKE MINDED PEOPLE
  • If you have had problems attracting prospects to YOUR money making opportunity this is the solution - offer 100 FREE leads daily in select locations on the internet like Facebook - Google + - Backpage - Craigslist - Blogs Etc. 
  • There should be no problem attracting 10 - 20 - even 100 prospects a day into your Silver Fox Lead Factory - be honest how many prospects are opting into your money making opportunity every day?
  • Once you have that new lead in your "VIEW LEADS"  area in your back office "Cross Market " your money making opportunity by making sure your Silver Fox Profit Center is set-up and PROFITIZED properly CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO DO THAT
  • Those 100 leads you place into your Silver Fox Lead Factory will generate a small percentage of TOP QUALITY CONVERTED LEADS compared to those who are attracted to your advertisements of receiving 100 FREE lead every day.

    CLICK HERE To Save Time & Increase Your Lead Generation By Having Me Dowload Your Leads For You 

    FREE Up-To 100 Leads Daily (Monday Through Friday) Manually Entered Subscription.

    Click Here For Instructions On How To Plug In Your FREE 100 Leads You Receive Every Day

    Auto Download 2,000 Leads A Month In Your Silver Fox Lead Factory Back Office ONLY $40 Per Month. This will be an instant download of ALL 2,000 leads within 72 hours of payment. The price of this subscription is going up to $50 per month December 1st 2012. Those who subscribe before that date will be locked into the $40 price so make sure you subscribe before December 1st!


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