Silver Fox Lead Factory Manager Up-Grade Promotion Check List

#1. CLICK HERE - Watch This Video First
#2. Now Watch This Video To Make Sure Your Profit Center Is Set-Up Properly To Maximize Your Profit CLICK HERE  -- CLICK HERE To Check Out The Flow Chart

#3. Now Watch This Video  To Learn How To Up-Grade Those Who Buy You Out To Become A Manager In Little Ticket To Wealth (LTTW) - LTTW is a FREE BONUS when you become a SFLF Manager (you do not need to join LTTW)... CLICK HERE

  • Congrats - YOU Are A Manager & Keep 100% Of The Profit - CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL TRAINING
  • Assuming the reason you received this is you bought out your Manager (show BUY BUTTON) - Go to back office RAINBOW COLORED LEAD CAP PAGE
  • Go into your back office MEMBER LOGIN through Bookmark Staging area
  • Go to "MY Personal Info"
  • Replace Sponsor's PayPal Email link with your's plus any other affiliate links you might be working
  • I Have "Marked You As Paid" - Make sure YOUR PayPal email is showing.
  • Go to your P/C page find Little Ticket To Wealth link and join pay $20 - do not pay the $200 - by buying a SFLF Membership you will receive the LTTW ProX Membership FREE. If you want to make $400 instead of $200 you will need to up-grade to the Platinum Membership for an additional $200 - contact your manager/sponsor to make arrangements.
  • YOUR downline will still receive their 100 leads everyday by following the instructions located by CLICKING HERE
  • Go to your back office replace YOUR sponsor's LTTW affiliate link with YOUR LTTW link. LTTW will be asking for you to pay $100- $200 - $400... All you pay is the $20 - you do not need to pay those other fees - LTTW is a ---2--- up profit system meaning those in your downline will be sending $100 - $200 - $400  up to infinity - your manager is going to mark you as paid - FREE $200 Bonus!
  • Once you are "MARKED PAID" check to see if your PayPal email shows on your splash page. You can NOT mark your new manager AS PAID I must do that for you!!!
  • Manager Flow Chart - Hire 10 No Investment Telemarketers & Posters sell ONLY one a week make $1,500
  • You will be splitting the membership fee with your No Investment Telemarketer & Poster - when they sell a $300 membership.
  • YOU MUST PAY YOUR NO INVESTMENT TELEMARKETER & POSTER WITHIN 24 TO 48 HOURS - or you will be terminated from the program!
  • Since you are the one who was paid and not me I will not have a record of this transaction. You must send me a PayPal receipt of that PAID new member so I can process and mark them as paid. Again if you neglect to do this you will be terminated from the program
  • You can NOT give away this program. New managers MUST Pay $300 and you must send me proof they did!
  • There is NO reason you can not start making $150 - $300 - $600 - $2,000 a day by hiring an army of no Investment Telemarketers and Posters since you make 100% of the membership fee!

    IMPORTANT As a manager receiving funds from your Silver Fox Lead Factory member you must notify me of the $300 you have received from YOUR up-graded manager within 24 hours. When you are paid the Silver Fox Lead Factory Membership Fee I am not notified of that transaction until you send me the PayPal receipt. I can NOT process YOUR new manager until I receive that PayPal receipt from YOU. If you neglect this rule you will be terminated from the program!