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Make $3,500 Weekly Advertising Phone # Direct Pay System (DPS) Online Training - Webinar - Tuesday April 22nd...  5pm - 6pm PDT  6pm - 7pm MDT 7pm - 8pm CDT 8pm - 9pm EDT

This live online training is for those who are Direct Pay System 24/7 Webinar Owners and DPS $10 Joint Venture Partners. During these weekly training sessions you will learn how to advertise a phone number on the internet and using voice broadcasting having prospects call you putting your lead generating money making efforts on autopilot. Make sure you register to be notified of the date and time of the next live training session.

Remember this is a Turn-Key Business In A Box Box with a $1,000 guarantee you will make money.

We will be talking about the business card or post card you should have printed with YOUR 800Link phone number that looks like this...

I use the 3 foot rule and pass them out to those who I meet who come within 3 feet of me. Trade shows, conventions, workshops or any other large traffic locations work perfect. When handing these cards out i make sure those prospects call immediately while I'm standing in front of them.  

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Silver Fox Live Online Training - Question & Answer Session - Saturday April 19th -    9am - 10am PDT 10am - 11am MDT 11am - 12am CDT 12pm - 1pm EDT

During this hour training session here are the topics we will cover…

  • This will be a QUESTION & ANSWER training session so have your questions ready to either post in the chat box or verbally give in the live training room.

  • The new Silver Fox Lead Factory training modules

  • How the NEW Silver Fox Profit Center works

  • The Profit Center has an Alexa Ranking below 100,000

  • How you can place ANY money making opportunity in the Profit Center F*ree and how I - Harvey The Silver fox - will do the selling for you.

  • You will learn how to make $150 giving away 100 F*ree leads every day WITH NO INVESTMENT ON YOUR PART WHAT-SO-EVER

  • I’m going to teach you how to hire an ARMY of home workers to go to work for YOU selling your money money making opportunities using the Profit Center

  • As a Silver Fox Lead Factory Manager You collect the $300 then pay your posters and telemarketers 50% of every SFLF paid Membership they generate. Hire 10 who generate only one a week make $1,500. Hire 20 - 30 - 50 who sell only one a week - YOU DO THE MATH. There are thousands and thousands of broke people who would love to go to work for you where it costs them NOTHING other than the time and effort to make videos, blogs and posts on the internet.

  • I will teach you how the ONE - TWO and THREE UP marketing systems work and how you will receive money to infinity letting the Profit Center do the selling for you.

  • You will learn how to buy and work the REALLY - REALLY Inexpensive Cheap Traffic and Leads such as 25 Guaranteed Sign-Ups for ONLY $10

  • How to make $3,500 once - twice even three times a weeks advertising a phone number

CLICK HERE to access that training modules, study the training videos, take notes on questions you may have then be ready to ask those questions during the live training session.

Remember this is a TEAM BUILD... meaning those who find YOUR marketing system - on the internet and from your marketing efforts - are placed under you in the FreeToolBox 3x13 Forced Matrix moving you closer to that $20,000 monthly residual income I keep talking about. CLICK HERE for a presentation on how the 3X13 Forced Matrix system works and how you can position yourself to make that $20,000 monthly residual income.

When inviting GUESTS into the live training room make sure they are in YOUR Silver Fox Directory Of Lead Generating Tools Marketing System to insure you receive credit. 

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 $1,000 Guarantee You Will Make Money After 60 Days!

Same call in line w/i pin for all trainings

pin: 2014#

CALL #1) Tuesday Press Conference Call 04.15.14 @ 11 AM EST (DPS Members)

CALL #2) Tuesday Night "DPS Overview Call" 04.15.14 @ 9 PM EST (Your Prospects Are Invited)

CALL #3) Thursday Press Conference Call 04.17.14 @ 11 AM EST (DPS Members)

CALL #4) Saturday Morning Training 04.19.14 @ 11 AM EST (For DPS Members)

PS: the 11 AM calls have been real game changers. We're not fooling around, wasting any ones time with hype, B.S. and silly nonsense. The info is real. The feedback and experiences are real. The income potential is real.

VERY IMPORTANT - Make sure when you enter the conference you mention you are with the Silver Fox Team Build

Also notify your downline


Watch this video to learn how to make $20,000 Monthly Residual Income Helping Your Team Members. As a TEAM BUILD we need to go out of our way to make sure we LIKE and make a COMMENT on Facebook & Google PLUS for all of those Silver Fox FreeToolBox  3X13 Forced Matrix members. When you LIKE and COMMENT you keep the member’s Facebook and Google PLUS post at the top of the groups. Those who join your TEAM member’s Successline could be placed in your F.RE,E Tool Box 3X13 Forced Matrix Successline with the potential of YOU making $20,000 Monthly Residual Income. It ONLY takes ---3--- to make this TEAM BUILD work. All new members over ---3--- are FORCED down into that members Successline possibly under YOU!! 

Please follow these rules when entering the LIVE training room. Chances are we MAY be in a LIVE recorded training session so when you enter you will need to be quiet.

#1. When entering the room, make sure your AUDIO is set-up properly. Mute yourself by clicking on the MIC image left hand side under AUDIO settings. 

#2. 95% of the time you will be required to type your questions while the Trainer will be in the audio mode. Depending on how busy the room is will depend on if the Trainer may ask you to speak or if you can speak. Typically everyone types while the Trainer is talking and teaching...

#3. CLICK HERE for the... Silver Fox Directory Archives Live Online Trainings

#4.  You Will Have Over 12 Hours Of FREE Training Videos Those GURUS Charge Hundreds Even Thousands Of Dollars For By CLICKING HERE