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Referral Builder Elite is able to update downline builders, within your
viral mailing sites, safelists, TEs, etc., with your affiliate IDs,  Automatically!

This will eliminate loss of commissions due to your downline builders not being set up. 

Example: Let's say you have "x" number of referrals at site "A". If you haven't
placed your affiliate links in your downline builder for site "A", a referral that
joins a site listed in your downline builder for site "A" will be credited
to your sponsor or someone else. Not You! If that referral ever makes a
purchase from that site, You just lost a commission!

It can be a pain and very time consuming updating your affiliate links for all or
most of your downline builders. Most of us just don't get around to do it! Not to worry!
Referral Builder Elite will do it for you!